Collage of Lamborghini vehicles

It’s an intoxicating moment: the bullfighter alone on the packed dirt, facing down hundreds of pounds of muscle and might and hoof and horn, the crowd on the edge of their seats as they watch man and mammal face off in the dust. Suddenly it all springs into action: the cry of the bullfighter, the thundering charge of the bull, the roar of the crowd.

This is the magic, the thrill and the tradition of bull riding — and, thanks to Bulls in Vegas, you can get an exclusive front-row seat at one of the world’s most ancient sporting events. Learn more about how you can partake in this weekend of fun by visiting our Lamborghini retailer in Beverly Hills. We promise that excitement, camaraderie and celebration anchor the itinerary of this three-day luxury getaway to the glittering desert playground that is Las Vegas.

Review the weekend’s itinerary below, then reach out for more details.

Side profile of a sleek black Lamborghini with the top down